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Egg Donation Process

Explore the egg donation journey with ACRC Global, where a structured and compassionate path ensures your health and comfort through medical evaluations and procedures. This efficient process begins with a thorough screening and matching procedure, allowing Egg Donors to discover a suitable match within just 24 hours!


The Process

1. Application Submission

2. Intake and Contract Signing

3. Pre-Evaluation

4. Matching with Intended Parents

5. Enjoy Your Journey

6. Egg Retrieval

Take just one minute to complete our online application. Expect a response from one of our Intake Managers within 24 hours.

Complete a comprehensive application, undergo an interview with our Intake Manager, and sign a contract. During this phase, gather any previous egg donation records, if applicable.

Our Intake Manager will conduct a background check if you are local and review your medical records, if necessary.

After successfully completing the intake process and pre-evaluation, your Case Manager will begin the process of matching you with an Intended Parent. You will be notified once a match is confirmed.

Your dedicated Case Manager will coordinate IVF, legal, and medical appointments while providing support throughout your egg donation journey.

Once the egg retrieval process is complete, your compensation will be issued. Your Case Manager will continue to assist with your IVF checkup and ensure a smooth recovery process.



How do I apply to become an egg donor with ACRC Global?

To start your journey as an egg donor with ACRC, simply fill out our online application. Our team will contact you within 24 hours to guide you through the process.


What are the eligibility criteria for becoming an egg donor with ACRC Global?

We have specific eligibility criteria for egg donors, including age requirements, medical history, and more. Please review our eligibility guidelines to see if you qualify to become a donor.


How long does the egg donation process typically take?

The duration of the egg donation process can vary, but we strive for a quick match, quickest within 24 hours of completing the intake process. The entire journey, from application to compensation, can take several months.


What kind of support will I receive as an ACRC Egg Donor?

ACRC Global provides one-on-one 24/7 support, with a dedicated case manager assisting you from beginning to end. Our team is here to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and ensure a smooth and supportive experience as an egg donor.


Do you accept egg donors from all over the world and of all ethnicities?

Yes, ACRC Global welcomes egg donors from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. We believe in inclusivity and appreciate the unique qualities that individuals from various ethnicities and locations bring to our program. Our goal is to provide intended parents with a wide range of options, and we value the diversity that our donors contribute to the process of building families. Whether you're from a different country or have a distinct ethnic background, we encourage you to explore the possibility of becoming an egg donor with ACRC Global, where your unique qualities are celebrated and valued.

Ready to start your egg donation journey?

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