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Sperm Donation Process

At ACRC Global, we understand the importance of sperm donation in helping individuals and couples build their families. Our streamlined and compassionate process empowers donors to make a meaningful contribution to those facing infertility while providing opportunities for personal fulfillment and financial support.


Why do Sperm Donors choose ACRC ?

Our team members have a deep assisted reproductive technology background and are highly involved in the sperm donation journey. We believe giving our sperm donor full support is very important. Especially for being a first-time sperm donor, you may have thousands of questions or feel nervous and anxious, your one-on-one Case Manager will guide you throughout the screening, legal, and sperm collection processes. They also will be with you at important medical appointments, i.e. medical screening and sperm collection. Furthermore, we are available for you 24/7 to take care of any emergency immediately.

The Process

1. Application Submission

2. Intake and Contract Signing

3. Pre-Evaluation and Medical Clearance

4. Matching with Intended Parents

5. Embark on Your Sperm Donation Journey

6. Sperm Donation

Take just one minute to complete our online application. Expect a response from one of our Intake Managers within 24 hours.

You’ll have an interview with our Intake Manager. During this step, you'll also sign your benefit package and contract. Concurrently, we will ask you to start gathering your medical records.

Our Intake Manager will conduct a background check and review your medical records.

After successfully completing the intake process and pre-evaluation, your Case Manager will begin the process of matching you with an Intended Parent. You will be informed once the match is confirmed.

Throughout your journey, your dedicated Case Manager will coordinate donation, legal, and medical appointments, providing you with constant support and guidance.

In sperm donation, there are two main categories: Directed Donor and Non-Identified Donor. For non-identified donations, FDA regulations require a 6-month quarantine period for the sperm. During this time, the donor must undergo a second FDA panel test six months after the initial sperm collection. Once these requirements are fulfilled, including the initial donation and follow-up testing, the donor is compensated.



How can I become a sperm donor with ACRC Global?

To start your journey as a sperm donor with ACRC Global, complete our online application. Our team will contact you to guide you through the next steps.


What are the eligibility criteria for sperm donation at ACRC Global?

ACRC Global has specific eligibility requirements, including age, health, and lifestyle factors. Review our guidelines to see if you qualify as a sperm donor.


What is the compensation for sperm donors?

ACRC Global offers competitive compensation to sperm donors. To learn more about our compensation package and the financial aspects of sperm donation, reach out to us!


How long does the sperm donation process typically take?

The duration of the sperm donation process can vary, but we strive for efficiency. Most sperm donation journeys can be as quick as two weeks.


What support is available to sperm donors at ACRC Global?

ACRC Global provides comprehensive support, including medical evaluations and one-on-one guidance.

Become a Sperm Donor with ACRC!

Submit your application today and earn over $3,000!

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